Help people put their money where their mouth is.


Send someone a paid task

Send someone an email that asks them to do something by a certain date. If they don't they get charged money every day that they don't deliver.

They accept

They can choose to accept the task or not. If they do, then the game is on.



They deliver,
or they pay

Every day they miss the deadline they have to pay.

Realsies is great for keeping people accountable. You can use it for work, to send people challenges for fun, or you can use it to encourage people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone use this?

Realsies is an accountability tool.

Sometimes you need to be sure people will do things when they say they will. Realsies can't guarantee they will do it, but it adds an extra layer of assurance.

The next time someone says they are going to do something important, ask them if they are willing to put money on it. If they are, send them a task request. If they accept, you know it's for realsies.

Where does the money go?

Realsies keeps the money. With a Pro account you pay a monthly subscription and you keep the money.

How much do people get charged?

$10 a day. With a Pro account you can adjust the amount.

How long will people continue to be charged if they don't deliver?

One week. A task will automatically shut down if someone doesn't deliver a week after they said they would. With a pro account you can adjust this time period.

Can I send myself tasks?

Yes, but I don't recommend it because it's easy to flake out on your own commitments. Realsies is an accountability tool to be used between people. If you want to keep yourself accountable, I use and recommend Beeminder.

Please tweet or email me any questions you have and I'll add the answers to the FAQ.

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